Another Country: The Cultural and Religious Struggle between Northern and Southern Kenya

Powered by Joomla! Design by: themza joomla 2. Articles Inter-Cultural Dating and Marriage? What does the Bible say? And the question arises: To what extent do we mix, and to what extent do we keep to our own kind? Some Christians say: “Nobody needs to tell me whom I should have as a friend,” or “I am not concerned whether my child marries within his own race or another. He has his own life to live, and the fate of the world does not hinge on whether we stay white, brown, or yellow. The important thing is how we follow Jesus.

Navigating Differences in Cross-Cultural Relationships

Once upon a time when I was a wee little grad student, my plan was to specialize in working with individuals and couples in cross-cultural relationships. Since then, my specialties have expanded quite a bit, but I still love navigating the nuances that come up in diverse relationships. For individuals who immigrated from the same country, the difference could be whether they were first-, second-, or third-generation immigrants, what part of the country or city they moved from, age of immigration, religious differences, language proficiency, etc.

Even for those raised within the U. This list barely touches the surface.

Love Dating · Love Your Life · Where The Heart Is · Marry Me · Dining Area. 4 Things I’ve Learned from my Cross-Cultural Marriage Christian Wife, Christian.

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How to navigate an interfaith or cross-cultural relationship

I am married to an Arab. He was a Christian when I met him but comes from a Muslim family. I must tell you plainly, that the only reason our marriage works is because of our mutual faith in Jesus. Our cultural differences run deep and resurface at the most inconvenient times. To be blunt, I strongly recommend ending this relationship, not only for theological reasons, but for practical reasons as well.

A cross-cultural comparison within online dating also means having the such as family, morale and the church (more than 70 % of Americans are Christians).

A Biblical Marriage. Hello, my name is Rachel. I am an American. The Lord has taught me many lessons about life and people and Himself through our cross-cultural marriage. Yes, its true that men and women already think differently men are from Mars, women are from Venus, remember? But when your spouse hails from another part of the globe, this is going to be magnified to a much greater degree of intensity. It may not be obvious at first. For example, Niall and I both grew up speaking English though he also speaks Irish.

He has been here for eight years and even sounds like an American. Certain things he would say or do struck me as weird in the beginning of our relationship. Then I went to Ireland….

Till Faith Do Us Part…

Have you ever dated someone outside of your ethnicity? What was that experience like for you? In the tension of our differences, we get to engage the rich diversity of humanity.

A Christian couple contemplating marriage must prayerfully and carefully consider the impact their marriage will have within their cultural context, their family.

The picture of an 8-year-old wife posing beside her year-old husband appears at the beginning of an article in the June issue of National Geographic. I hated to see him. Arranged marriages, but not forced marriages, were the norm in many cultures for thousands of years. Arranged marriages are ones in which someone other than the couple marrying selects the spouses, curtailing the process of courtship.

This is done with the consent of those getting married. It becomes a forced marriage if the singles are required to marry against their will. Following is a description of a system of arranged but not forced marriage that lasted years. Arranged marriage was very common in Japan from the 16th century until the last half of the 20th century and still exists today.

The following information comes not only from available written sources but also from cross-cultural workers who have served scores of years in Japan observing and participating as go-betweens. The typical procedure was and is as follows. Young men and women who convert to Christianity sometimes find their parents are quite unhappy when they become Christian workers. In fact, the parents may refuse to get go-betweens to find spouses for their offspring.

These singles then may ask others to be their go-betweens.

Q&A: Navigating cultural differences in marriage

Despite these very significant challenges, cross-cultural relationships can be uniquely fulfilling and satisfying. When cross-cultural couples embrace their differences as assets, they are able to combine the best parts of their cultures. Leveraging the strengths of their cultural backgrounds they can build strong, healthy, connected family units. Below are the stories of three cross-cultural couples who have successfully navigated some common cultural differences. If you are dating or married to someone from a different culture, this practical advice is for you.

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That last word, “unbelievers” is of key importance. A Christian should not marry a non-Christian no matter how kind and good they are. What about interracial marriage? Deuteronomy tells the Israelites to destroy all the inhabitants of the Canaan land and not to intermarry with them because they would “turn your sons away from following Me, that they may serve other gods. Moses’ wife was of another race and in Numbers Aaron and Miriam were punished for criticizing this interracial marriage.

The book of Ruth tells a delightful story of a foreigner who became part of the lineage of Christ. The harlot, Rahab, also of another nation, is included in the lineage of Christ as recorded in Matthew 1. Colossians makes it clear that from God’s perspective all are one in Christ. The Bible is clear that when both parties are believers equally yoked , interracial marriage is not wrong. A Christian couple contemplating marriage must prayerfully and carefully consider the impact their marriage will have within their cultural context, their family relationships, future children and the society in which they live.

A loving Christian couple may accommodate well to many kinds of differences between themselves. Interracial marriages are becoming more common in many societies. All couples contemplating marriage need to give thoughtful consideration to a variety of practical issues, some of which may have no clear Biblical imperative. Languages Study in More Languages.

Cross cultural marriage

More and more couples are meeting through overseas opportunities and connections and that includes many Christians. Others of different faiths or none may well find this equally helpful. Interracial marriage is just as it says, a marriage of different racial groups who may well be born up and raised in the same culture and speak the same language. Of course, some marriages can be both intercultural and racial.

Intercultural marriages will raise different challenges to other marriages and require extra care, dedication and diligence. That is certainly no less true of marriage!

We’re both Christians. That really makes all the difference. 2. If we have a disagreement, we can look to the Bible for an answer which makes.

Inter-Cultural Dating and Marriage? What does the Bible say? And the question arises: To what extent do we mix, and to what extent do we keep to our own kind? Some Christians say:. A cross-cultural dating, that we had a christian should a christian monarch. Interfaith and the gospel of circumstance, statues with christ as our cultural differences. Islam’s proscription of of the intentions of different communication patterns, dedicated christians in fact, conservative.

Is It Ok For A Christian To Marry Someone Of A Different Race?

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